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With all of the education and training it takes to become a Social Worker,  you might assume that you're completely prepared to start in the profession.  What most people quickly learn is that there's more to learn...the stuff you don't get in school.

For more than 10 years, Social Work Mentor has provided practical, user friendly online tools and resources to supplement the "toolkit" of practicing Social Workers.

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Practical and user friendly  social work training that can be applied immediately on the job

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Hoodies, tees, stickers, and lots of other social gear to help you represent the profession

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All access to resources that Social Workers can utilize in the office or in the field

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Hi.  I'm Ernesto Bejarano, Founder of Social Work Mentor.

I've been a Social Worker since the mid 1990's, so yes, I guess you can say I've been around for a while!

I was raised in a lower-middle class neighborhood in East San Jose, California, and witnessed firsthand the struggles that individuals can experience at various points in their lives. It was this lived experience that drove me into the profession of social work, where I have served very proudly for more than 25 years.

During my time in the profession, I've learned a few "tricks" that have helped me survive and thrive.

I want to share what I've learned with you!

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The Gift Of Time For Social Workers Full Course

The essential full and complete course for Social Workers committed to taking control of their workflow and creating true work-life balance.

Say goodbye to burnout!

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The Gift Of Time For Social Workers Short Course

The basic information you'll need to implement the Gift of Time System.  You won't get all of the valuable information offered in the full course, but you'll have enough to get started.

Take the first steps now!

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The Gift Of Time For Social Workers FREE Mini Course


If you're not ready to invest in all of the tools and resources in the Full Course or the Short Course, start here to get a sample of one piece of the system, the Social Work Priority Tool.

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Dec 01, 2021