Your Social Work Job Shouldn't Hurt

When will they realize...If everything is a priority, then nothing is a priority.

I Need Some Help

Overwhelm? Compassion Fatigue? Burnout?

Watch this short video from "How TO ADHD" to learn a liitle more about what you may be feeling at work.


Hi, I'm Ernesto.

I've been a Social Worker since the mid 1990's, so yes, I've been around for a while!

All these years have taught me how to handle time management as a Social Worker.  I start with this premise:

If everything is a priority, then nothing is a priority.

Think about that for a second...

Social Work Sanity Is Real 

You chose Social Work because you wanted to help people in their time of need.  You didn't realize how the demands of the job could leave you feeling lost, hopeless, and desperate for a solution.

It doesn't have to be this way.

I Want Social Work Sanity

You're Overwhelmed And Burned Out

Do you feel like all you do is "put out fires"?  Running from emergency to emergency  is no way to approach your job.

What you need is a system to help you prioritize everything that comes your way. 

I'm Ready For A New System

You Can Control Your Workflow


I've developed a comprehensive system to help you organize and prioritize everything that comes your way.  I use this system myself, and have shared it with others who have created real work-life balance and now have more time, control, and sanity in their lives.

I'm Ready To Get Control

Course Curriculum

Rebecca Harris

This is a really relevant course for me.  I did not expect all of the downloadable items.  I will be able to reference back to these and I really appreciate that.


Margie Robinson

Great information, love the different outlooks the lectures gave.

Jeff A. Mathiot

Awesome Course! Very Professional and informational! Glad I chose this course!

Trevor Lawrence

Love this course, the information and his energy.

Farhan Mehta

Well I am still just on the 2nd or 3rd part of this course, so I really dont have much that I can say but all the resources and information provided are really helpful and the professor teaching the course is also very informative and makes sure that people who have no prior knowledge on social work also understand it without any problems.

Bisoye Shokunbi

Totally worth it.

I Want You To Start Prioritizing With This Tool Now...No Commitments

Not ready to invest in the full system and begin implementing all of the strategies and tools included in the course? No worries...I got you!

Get free and immediate access to the priority tool now and begin running your daily tasks through the tool to help you determine just which tasks can wait, and what is urgent or crisis level and requires an immediate response. 

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